Calabar International Convention Centre

When will the Calabar ICC be open for business?
The official opening of the Calabar International Convention Centre is scheduled for the third quarter of 2015. The first events at the Calabar ICC can be hosted from quarter three in 2015.

How can I find out about availability of meeting space at the Calabar ICC?
The Calabar ICC receives requests for availability from all over Nigeria and from abroad on a daily basis. As a result, availability changes all the time. We always try to suggest the most suitable venues for each event and, because every event is unique, we prefer to discuss this with you directly. Please email or telephone 0811 056 0614 or 0909 470 1892. We promise to respond to your email within 24 hours.

How do I book an event at the Calabar ICC?
Booking an event at the Calabar ICC is simple. The quickest way is to phone our sales office (+234 (0) 811 056 0614 or +234 (0) 909 470 1892) and we can advise you on which venues would be best for your particular event and whether they are available for your event date.

What are the largest numbers that you can accommodate at the Calabar ICC for a meeting or for a banquet?
The Calabar ICC is very flexible with its 21 different halls and meeting rooms, foyers and outside areas. The Main Hall – our largest meeting space – accommodates 2,000 delegates, while the total capacity of the Calabar ICC is over 5,000. For very large events, the Calabar ICC can be temporarily expanded with a marquee, immediately connected to our Main Hall and our halls A and C. This marquee can be big enough to accommodate another 5000 delegates!

If the existing meeting venues at the Calabar ICC are too large or too small or insufficient for my event, do you have any solutions?
Immediately behind the Main Hall of the Calabar ICC, an outside area of 90m x 85m has been specially prepared for the erection of temporary marquees. Our preferred suppliers are able to provide a marquee for as little as 100 delegates or as many as 5,000 guests.

Can I bring my own service providers into the Calabar ICC?
Most of the services that event organizers require are provided by the Calabar ICC or its exclusive suppliers. That is the case for food & beverage, electrical, plumbing, IT, telecommunications and several other services. Some services are provided by recommended suppliers such as congress techniques (audio-visual, sound, lighting), cleaning, security, stand building, rigging and several other services. These preferred suppliers work in the Calabar ICC on a daily basis and can present you with the best possible assistance, but you are not obliged to use their services. Our sales department will be happy to arrange quotations and assist you with any questions you might have in this area.

How many hotel rooms are available in Calabar, and can Calabar ICC assist in booking them?
Calabar has quite a variety of hotels and other accommodation establishments available for you and for your delegates. The city has approximately 4000 beds (3200 rooms) available in 220 hotels, guest houses, lodges and bed & breakfasts. The Calabar ICC has an excellent relationship with the local Hoteliers Association and will liaise with them to assist you with your accommodation requirements.

What quality level are the hotels in Calabar?
Hotels in Calabar are available in one, two and three star categories, with many properties currently upgrading to meet new licensing regulations in Cross River.

How is Calabar connected to the rest of Nigeria? How many flights per day?
Both Arik Air and Aero Contractors maintain regular air-services to Calabar’s Margaret Ekpo International Airport from Lagos and Abuja. Normally there are three flights into Calabar every day, with more flights added during peak periods, such as the Calabar Festival. Both Nigerian carriers are happy to discuss with event organisers how they can assist with extra air-lift capacity to support events at the Calabar ICC.

Are there any direct international flights to Calabar?
Calabar is proud to have its own international airport, however there are no direct international flights into Calabar at present. International visitors need to connect to a domestic flight either in Lagos or Abuja.

Can the Calabar ICC assist my delegates with travel visa for Nigeria?
Obtaining a visa for traveling to Nigeria will be necessary for most international delegates participating in events at the Calabar ICC. The Calabar ICC management and the management of the Cross River State Tourism Bureau will assist you with an introduction to the Nigerian Immigration Service, in order to ensure that the visa processing for your international guests and delegates will be as pleasant and efficient as possible.

Once I’ve arrived at Calabar airport, how do I get to the Calabar ICC?
Calabar airport is very close to the city centre, to the Calabar ICC and to most hotels. Most event organizers arrange ground transport for their delegates from the airport (and back, after the event), but there are always reliable taxis available just outside the main terminal. Normal driving time from the airport to the Calabar ICC is less than 30 minutes.

Will my delegates be safe in Calabar?
Most Nigerians know that Calabar is regarded as a very relaxed, safe and pleasant city. Normal safety precautions are recommended but event participants at the Calabar ICC will definitely enjoy the time in our city and in Cross River State.

What activities and places can you recommend for the social program of our event?
For golfers, the Calabar ICC will be paradise, courtesy of Nigeria’s most beautiful and challenging 18-hole championship course, with stunning views of the Calabar River. Alternatively, you can book a troupe of Moninkim dancers or other local performers, for an entertaining and colourful dose of Cross River culture. If you have a spare hour between sessions, why not hop on the monorail and explore Tinapa, just across the lake? There you will find one of Nigeria’s finest
waterparks, EbonyLife TV studios, banks, duty-free shopping and the Tinapa Lakeside hotel, in a pristine, landscaped private campus.

Do you have any suggestions for pre- and post-conference tours and excursions in the Cross River State?
There are so many things to see and do in Calabar, depending on your interests. You could do a boat tour to Creek Town, home to one of Nigeria’s oldest churches; or visit the past in Old Calabar, where the homes of ancient kings and local slave traders still stand. The Marina Resort is a picturesque, riverside, leisure hub, home to charming garden bars, a four-screen cinema and a Slave History Museum. Bush meat and palm wine are some of the local delicacies available at Atimbo, just a stone’s throw from the airport. Less than one hour from Calabar, lie the rustic charms of Kwa Falls and Cross River National Park, two natural beauty spots with a wide variety of flora and fauna. And, for the insomniacs, the nightlife is buzzing – from the sit-out bars selling beer and suya at Atekong Drive & Marian Road junction, to nightclubs like Mayfair, Jasper 131 and Beverly Heels. If that’s still not enough, click here to download ’20 things to do in Calabar’.